“We opened the wrong QuickBooks file”… a true story

I’ll never forget the day my dad died.  It was a bittersweet day, in late 2010, filled with an abundance of memoriesDad's Trophy Buck

First, and of course, most important, I recall a flood of shared stories as my siblings and I sat around my father’s bed waiting for his last breath.  He was unresponsive, but I knew he felt our presence and a sense of peace at having loved ones by his side talking about all the various parts of his long life.

My husband and I also closed on our new home that same day.  It happened to be within ten miles of the nursing home where my dad ended up.Our New Home

Adding to the already complicated and emotional situation, I got a call that morning from one of my clients who was frantic at the realization that “we opened the wrong QuickBooks company file”. To make matters worse, they had been using it for a few weeks.

Imagine adding hundreds of transactions to a company file that was not accurate.  Checks had been written, deposits made, invoices created.

I talked her through some immediate steps to take until I could set up a time to go to their office and help them transfer the data to the correct company.

The dangers of opening up the wrong file in QuickBooks are very real if you are not careful and I have seen this same scenario happen many times over the years.   It can happen by mistakenly opening up a “test” company, by using an accountant’s copy and not understanding  how to merge the QuickBooks file when it’s returned, or by losing track of where the QuickBooks file is located, and selecting an older backup copy to restore.

Qbox, a collaborative software program that locks out one user if another person is in the company file, can prevent these types of mistakes from happening by eliminating the need for duplicate files being created. QBox

For business owners, your accountant or bookkeeper, can safely access your QuickBooks file without having to remote in, and without having to create an accountant’s copy or portable file.

For accountants, it provides a fast, easy method for working in your clients QuickBooks company without the hassle of having to remote access or going on-sight.

In addition to securely sharing the same QuickBooks file, Qbox can be used to Word, Excel, image and pdf documents.

Qbox is a great alternative for sharing the original QuickBooks desktop company file so you never have to hear or say the words “we opened the wrong QuickBooks file”.

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