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Collaboration is a word that is increasingly being used to describe how work is done between two or more people in a business setting.

Traditionally, collaboration meant simply working on a project with another person or group to achieve a common end result.

Today, in our technological age of internet-reliant communication, the word collaboration has expanded to include the method for working with other team members as well, such as on bookkeeping entries and accounting tasks.

QB Collaboration

QuickBooks Online (QBO) is a collaborative tool in itself. Depending on which QBO version you use, you can have up to 5 people, and pay for up to 25 people, accessing the same QuickBooks company file.

QBO is anytime, anywhere access best for:

  • Owners that travel frequently and want access to their bookkeeping wherever they are.
  • Owners, Bookkeepers and Accountants that do not want to hassle with updating their desktop version every 1-3 years.
  • Companies that want 1-5 people using QuickBooks simultaneously.
  • Companies who do not have complicated inventory.
  • Those that do not perform their own daily backups
  • Businesses that DO NOT need a lead center, fixed asset manager, mileage tracking, multiple ship-to addresses for vendors, various price levels, sales orders or Units of Measure.
  • Holding bookkeepers and QuickBooks users accountable.

QBOA (QuickBooks for Accountants) even allows for easy collaboration through direct emails, receipt and statement requests and document management inside of QBO.

For those who still need the robust features of QuickBooks desktop, there are ways to collaborate on the same QuickBooks company file.  You can purchase multiple user licenses of QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise, and have access to the same company file. This requires all the computers to be on the same network or server.

For sharing QuickBooks outside of the office, whether from your laptop at home, or with your accountant, there are 3 Alternatives for Sharing your QuickBooks.

Collaboration with QBox

Qbox allows you to collaborate with group members on a shared QuickBooks desktop company file, as well as Word, Excel and PDF documents without the expense of remote access or hosted solutions.

Qbox is the perfect solution for working on the same QuickBooks file, without having to risk sending an Accountant’s copy back and forth.  Qbox is a folder on your PC attached to the cloud. Files kept in the Qbox folder can be shared with your accountants, clients, business partners or employees securely.


Each person needs their own copy of Windows version QuickBooks on their own computer.

Qbox locks the file to protect your changes so there is no conflicted file copies or data corruption. In addition, you can create and share Tax returns, Expense reports, Payroll reports, Bank statements and other documents in Word, Excel or PDF formats.

Qbox is easy to install and learn.

Click on any of the links below to learn more about these time-saving collaboration tools.

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